Bernedoodle & Goldendoodle puppies

Get a loyal friend to brighten every day

Add a family member who is always excited to be with you and always looking forward to you coming home.

Bernedoodle Puppies at Fawn River Doodles

A poor match is a nightmare that can be avoided 🙅‍♂️

A bad match is bad for the puppy and the family. The good news is that it is easily avoidable.

In order to give each puppy a voice in matching them with a family, we use the BAB temperament test.

There’s a lot to the BAB program but the temperament test allows us to match the puppy with a family.

A good match makes the transition easier for both the puppy and the family.

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Nassim & Faraz Kissing Their Puppy
Nassim & Faraz from Los Angeles

A puppy brings…

Adding a puppy to your family brings more than a momentary smile—it changes your life!

  • A surprise gift

    Put a smile on your loved one's face with a gift of countless memories and years of companionship.

    Massimo Christmas gift puppy
  • Live active & healthy

    Puppies encourage exercise and outdoor activities which reduce stress and increase clarity. Simply petting a puppy reduces stress hormones.

    Athletic woman posing with puppy on a mountain with a sunset in the background
  • Loyal companionship

    Add someone to your family who is always excited to welcome you home and ready to go on quiet walks and crazy adventures.

    Reggie smiling with Goldendoodle puppy gift

Getting started

Usually the first thing families looking for a puppy do is browse around our website. Here are few quick links to get you started.

  • Available puppies

    View our available puppies. Read about them and get to know them 🙂.

  • Upcoming litters

    Want to know what to expect with upcoming litters? Get on the waiting list so you don't miss out.

  • Fill out application

    The first step in getting on the waiting list for a litter or adopting a puppy is filling out an application.

About our family

I grew up raising puppies. My dad raised German Shepherds when I was 7–15 years old. When Trina and I started breeding doodles in 2014, it brought back memories of my childhood.

Robin Schertz

Finish reading Robin’s story on our about page.

The process is easy

Adopting an available puppy or getting on the waiting list for an upcoming litter is easy and we’ll help you every step of the way. You can always text or call Robin at (574) 596-0350 with any question.

  1. Fill out application

    The first step of adopting a puppy or getting on the reservation waiting list is to fill out an application.

  2. Pay deposit

    We'll email you an invoice for the deposit. You can pay with cash, check, or credit card.

  3. Pick your puppy

    Either check out available puppies or if your puppy isn't born yet get added to the reservation waiting list of an upcoming litter.

  4. Take home a lifelong friend

    To help transition to your home go smoothly, we include a going home kit and are available to answer any questions for the lifetime of your puppy.


Read about our commitment to serving both our puppies and adoption parents. Read all our reviews on Google or leave a review.

  • Robin called FIVE minutes later

    Where to begin?! Very long story short we had a puppy from someone fall through, after some google searching, found Fawn River. I left my info on their website, thinking I’d hear from them a few days later, low and behold Robin called him FIVE minutes later 😂 it took me a few moments to gather my thoughts as I was not expecting to hear back so quickly… Koa (Benji) was going to be ours just a few days later!

    Koa is an amazing boy, who loves to cuddle, play and just be around you. He’s very social, loves meeting anybody and everybody and wants to play with every dog he meets! He’s a beautiful, healthy boy and we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family!

  • The result of a positive environment

    The love and care they have for their dogs and puppies… shows up when you take your puppy home!

    Our Bernedoodle Duncan… adjusted to life in a new place with us better than we ever could’ve imagined.

    After nearly four weeks his temperament and personality are really starting to shine through. He is loving, loyal, playful, and curious.

    He’s the result of a positive environment with this breeder in his early days. We absolutely can’t recommend Fawn River Doodles enough!

  • Robin and Trina continue to check in regularly

    We are SO thankful to Fawn River for bringing us our perfect baby and helping us at every step!
    From the moment we saw Jake (now Boozer, from Riley and Koda’s litter) we fell in love!

    These guys truly went ABOVE and BEYOND for us and Jake… And while i thought that after 2 months of bugging them almost daily they would be happy to get rid of us😉, Robin and Trina continue to check in regularly on how our boy is doing – demonstrating just how much they really love and care for each of these dogs, as well as the new members of the Fawn River Family.

Reasons to choose Fawn River Doodles

Although it may seem like all puppies are the same, here's why Fawn River Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles are different.

  • Going home kit

    Every puppy goes home with $240 of goodies to help the transition for your puppy and family.

  • Raised on BAB Program

    Our puppies are prepared to transition to a new home because we socialize them following the BAB program.

  • Temperament matched

    We give our puppies a voice in the family they are matched with. This is better for the puppy and the family.

  • Free FaceTime calls

    We know how frustrating it is when you can't see your puppy. Robin is available and looking forward to talking to you.

  • Lifetime support

    We know you won't think of all the questions you have before you buy your puppy. That's why we offer lifetime support.

  • Vet checked & 3 year health guarantee

    Before going home your puppy will be checked from head to toe and goes home with a 3 year health guarantee.

Family portrait of 3 boys in the woods with a puppy

A note from Robin

A lot of people are looking for the cheapest puppy. That’s not what we’re here for. Raising puppies that are clean, socialized, and cared for are not going to be the cheapest puppies available.

Puppies matched with your family

If you want a puppy that is matched to your family and a puppy that transitions from our home to yours, you need a puppy that has been socialized and exposed to different places, situations, and people.

We use the BAB Program because it’s a structured approach to socializing puppies and preparing them for their new home.

We don’t allow one of our puppies to end up at a shelter. That’s why we take incredible care with matching each puppy with each family.

We know that life happens and if you buy a puppy from us and can’t continue taking care of it, we’ll take it back.

Connecting families across the United States

We are located in quiet Goshen, IN but we match families with puppies from across the United States.

Even though we fly puppies across the US we love our local customers too 🚗. Here are some of the cities within driving distance of our farm.

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Most popular states

Frequently asked questions


We've done our best to answer the most asked questions. If you don't see your question listed here search for your specific question on our FAQs page.

  • How to choose a breeder you can trust?

    Choosing a breeder is an important decision when adding a puppy to your family. Here are a few of the things we do to ensure the welfare of our puppies and parents.

    Health & welfare of the parents

    • Regularly exercise the parents
    • Feed them high quality food they enjoy
    • Genetic & health testing
    • OFA testing


    • Always available for a phone call or FaceTime video call
    • Send puppy photo updates (and videos upon request)

    Family screening

    • Don’t accept deposit without approved application
    • Match families with puppies using the BAB temperament program

    Welcome & transparent

    • You are welcome to come visit the puppies and parents

    When investigating your breeder ask for a face to face meeting or a video call. It’s often easier to get an accurate picture of the breeder this way instead of relying on text messages and voice calls alone.

  • What is the BAB program?

    BAB (Badass Breeder) is a program created by Jeanette Forrey to help breeders empower their puppies and give them a voice in what they need. It also makes a big difference in finding the right families for each puppy and the right puppy for each family.

    Here’s a list of benefits for puppies raised on the BAB program.

  • Why do I want a puppy raised on the BAB program?

    This is something we have been working on over the last couple years. It’s not something that happened overnight because it takes a lot of time.

    We love our puppies and parents, and we always try to do our very best in raising and training our puppies. The BAB program has helped us so much because it’s a proven, structured approach to raising confident puppies. It has made such a difference in our puppies and how they transition into their new homes.

    Better stress handling

    We start when they are a few days old with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). This improves their stress responses later in life. We do this is by applying gentle stressors like gently pulling on their tail, rubbing between their toes, gently rubbing a hand over their eyes and face, turning them upside down. We do this all with great care and with much love.

    Improved confidence

    We also do Early Scent Introduction (ESI). It is a procedure to help with nose awareness and confidence. It enhances their ability to identify and react to scents. Similar to ENS this is introduced at days 3-16 of a puppies life and is very beneficial to their development.

    We introduce the puppies to many new things each week starting at week 4. New toys in the whelping box and exposure to many sounds. When they are older they go outside to the play area to experience even more.

    Puppy/family temperament matching

    At 7-8 weeks we do temperament testing, this is a test that helps us place a puppy with the right family and helps you pick a puppy that will thrive in your home. This way everyone gets a voice in the placement process.

    All of this takes a lot of time and energy, but the benefits have been so amazing since we have started that it just makes sense to keep doing it all– better placements, fewer problems, and fewer puppies that need to be re-homed.