Zeke is a AKC registered poodle, he is a great dog. He is outgoing and friendly.


Gentle and playful


13 lbs


1 year

A Little More About Zeke

We are excited to have Zeke as part of our program.  He is an outgoing friendly little guy. He has not had any puppies yet but we are looking forward to meeting them.

Stud Info

  • AKC registered
  • Embark tested: he carries one copy of type 1 IVDD and one copy of Dilated Cardiomyopathy, DCM1
  • Color tested: EE/kyky/atat/Dd/Bb/spsp/Mm

Frequently asked questions


We've done our best to answer the most asked questions. If you don't see your question listed here search for your specific question on our FAQs page.

  • How do I help my puppy adjust to its new home?

    The first few days of bringing a new puppy home can be overwhelming. These are some tips for you so you can have a smooth transition.

    Choose a potty spot

    You should start by taking your puppy to an outside spot where you want him to go potty. Be sure to use a command like “go potty” so the puppy can learn. 

    Introduce your home one room at a time

    Introduce your house to your puppy one room at a time. This will prevent a sensory overload and allows the puppy to get used to its new surroundings slowly.

    Introduce family members individually

    Try to let your puppy meet each family member individually.

    Introduce its sleeping space

    Show your puppy their sleeping space, which could either be a crate or a dog bed.

    Give chew toys

    Puppies like to chew so be sure to provide safe puppy chew toys.

    Keep a close eye on your new family member

    It’s important for your puppy to stay supervised within the early days.

    Start training immediately

    It’s critical that your puppy learns rules from the beginning. This is becaused the more structured and consistent its day is, the better adjusted it will be. Don’t yell or punish the puppy as this will only frighten and confuse it.

    Take things slow

    Under your supervision, gradually expand the puppy’s environment. With lots of affection, consistent rules and routine, rewards for good behavior, and gentle corrections, your puppy will adjust in no time.

  • What is the BAB program?

    BAB (Badass Breeder) is a program created by Jeanette Forrey to help breeders empower their puppies and give them a voice in what they need. It also makes a big difference in finding the right families for each puppy and the right puppy for each family.

    Here’s what Jeanette has to say on why she created her program:

    Puppies are raised to believe in themselves and be the best they can be through guiding emotional responses, meeting their innate needs in order, building confidence through intentional and purposeful curriculum and handling that aligns to their sensitive developmental benchmarks, and lastly, evaluating each puppy prior to placement to ensure their voice is heard and they are honored and respected not only with their breeder but with their new human as well.

    Jeanette, founder of Badass Breeders

    Here’s summary of a list of benefits for puppies raised on the BAB program.

    Better Stress Handling

    When the puppies are a few days old we start with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). This improves their stress responses later in life. 

    Improved Confidence

    Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is also started at a few days old. It is a procedure to help with nose awareness and confidence. 

    Puppy/Family Temperament Matching

    At 7-8 weeks we do temperament testing. This is a test that helps us place a puppy with the right family, and helps you pick a puppy that will thrive in your home. 

  • Why do I want a puppy raised on the BAB program?

    This is something we have been working on over the last couple years. It’s not something that happened overnight because it takes a lot of time.

    We love our puppies and parents, and we always try to do our very best in raising and training our puppies. The BAB program has helped us so much because it’s a proven, structured approach to raising confident puppies. It has made such a difference in our puppies and how they transition into their new homes.

    Better stress handling

    We start when they are a few days old with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). This improves their stress responses later in life. We do this is by applying gentle stressors like gently pulling on their tail, rubbing between their toes, gently rubbing a hand over their eyes and face, turning them upside down. We do this all with great care and with much love.

    Improved confidence

    We also do Early Scent Introduction (ESI). It is a procedure to help with nose awareness and confidence. It enhances their ability to identify and react to scents. Similar to ENS this is introduced at days 3-16 of a puppies life and is very beneficial to their development.

    We introduce the puppies to many new things each week starting at week 4. New toys in the whelping box and exposure to many sounds. When they are older they go outside to the play area to experience even more.

    Puppy/family temperament matching

    At 7-8 weeks we do temperament testing, this is a test that helps us place a puppy with the right family and helps you pick a puppy that will thrive in your home. This way everyone gets a voice in the placement process.

    All of this takes a lot of time and energy, but the benefits have been so amazing since we have started that it just makes sense to keep doing it all– better placements, fewer problems, and fewer puppies that need to be re-homed.